Telerhythmics - a G Medical Company

Clinical Team

Telerhythmics provides 24-hour monitoring by experienced CRAT certified technologists and critical care trained Registered Nurses who maintain expertise in adult and pediatric electrophysiology. Our internal notification escalation process always includes final review by a Registered Nurse prior to any Physician Notification. Additionally, our nurses are able to review patient history, and assess symptoms and patient complaints, such as chest pains and shortness of breath, in order to provide clinical context as appropriate to physicians 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Our team is known for its clinical leadership and holds itself accountable to serving physicians and patients to the highest standards of cardiac diagnostic service.

Technical Team

Telerhythmics, with the full support of our parent company G Medical’s IT department and support network, has the infrastructure, equipment, protocols and staff in place to handle an array of natural disasters that could otherwise disrupt the continuity of a monitoring service. Our facility features a natural gas powered generator that can sustain full backup power indefinitely. In case of a pandemic outbreak, we have systems in place that will allow our staff to continue to work from off-site locations with minimal service interruption. Our full disaster recovery plan includes all of the requisite parameters to ensure continuity of care. You can depend on Telerhythmics to be there for your patients.

Management Team

The management expertise, care concern, and education of our staff have set a national standard that others strive to achieve. In the ever-changing, ever-challenging landscape of Outpatient cardiac monitoring services, clients can rely on Telerhythmics to never compromise our principles and the standard of care that is our company’s foundation. Our corporate responsibility is fundamental to our business practices and the source of our continued success.